So you want a bulldog, some things to consider...



Bulldogs are loving, friendly dogs but they are also extremely stubborn. You need to show your dominance with them so they don't take over the household.


The wrinkles that look so cute also require a lot of care. Dirt gets trapped in them easily and can cause infections, so they need to be kept clean and dry.




Bulldogs energy comes in bursts. They tire easily and overheat quickly. Running is not for them. Short, brisk walks are the key. You need to take extra care to keep them cool in warm weather as they can easily die from overheating.


Because of their large heads and broad shoulders Bulldogs are difficult and expensive to breed. Litters are conceived by artificial insemination and births often happen by c-section. They are a breed that requires a lot of care and commitment. All of this is reflected in the price. People who are willing to commit themselves to proper care of their bulldog will not be dissuaded on account of the price.